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Advantages of RAPID size-reduction solutions

Source:International Plastics News for     Date:2021-11-02
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Developments in plastic extrusion sector are pointing towards efficient size reduction of waste. A growing number of machinery providers are responding to market demands, each boasting the benefits of their technologies.


Rapid Granulator AB (www.rapidgranulators.com) is a leading manufacturer of size-reduction machinery based in Sweden. The company conducted a highly successful Live Product Demonstration which was streamed on 3 September 2021 from their Test Centre in Bredaryd, Sweden. The informative demonstration showcased leading technologies and solutions for size reduction of process waste in plastic extrusion. The event was focused on the Asia-Pacific region with plastic processors from India to Japan in Asia as well as Australia, NZ and the Pacific area as attendees.


Rapid OneCUT PRO

On show were solutions for size-reduction of edge trim, sheet, film, pipe, profiles and rolls that focused on the production of quality regrind with low energy consumption. With over 75 years of accumulated experience in manufacturing machines and solutions for plastic waste recycling, the participants were highly appreciative of the solutions presented and the knowledge gained from the event.


Highly-efficient models in action

The live demonstration of the Rapid machines brought into focus the innovations in size reduction technology that Rapid has strived to introduce to the global market.


One model highlighted was the Rapid OneCUT PRO, which is the latest addition to Rapid’s innovations that saw its world premiere at K 2019. The OneCUT Pro is a highly efficient energy-saving granulator capable of producing the highest quality regrind. It benefits from a number of unique Rapid innovations like the FlexiSPEED technology, and open-hearted design that drastically simplifies cleaning and maintenance.  As all plastics have different properties, speed adjustment is possible. With Rapid OneCUT PRO, the FlexiSPEED can be tapped to adjust the rotor speed as needed so that the right setting will be able to achieve the optimal output, regrind quality, lowest noise level and lowest possible energy consumption through Rapid EnergySMART.


The OneCUT PRO benefits from Rapid’s open-hearted technology for fast cleaning, smarter metal detection, and a lot more other advantages.  The open hearted design with quick rotor release easily opens up the whole cutter house and disconnect the gearbox, which drastically simplifies cleaning and maintenance. The gas spring supported cutter house simplifies the opening and controls the closing, meaning the heavy cutter house cannot fall down, which reduces the risk of injury; while the fully modular cutter house is designed with maintenance in mind, which offers very easy service and part changes. Rapid EnergySMART can utilise the granulator’s overcapacity and save up to 80% of your energy cost. It’s also equipped with the Rapid Stop&Go mode, where the granulator will run in intervals, saving even more energy. The SquareCUT cutting tooth design generates uniform regrind of the absolutely highest quality.


Rapid RAPTOR Shredder

The OneCUT PRO has an anti-blocking system that is equipped as standard, and prevents any jamming issues during granulation. It can also handle both sprues and parts as a result. The machine complies with current and future safety requirements for granulators. The OneCUT PRO meets safety level PLD according to the new European safety rules EN 12012-1:2018. Rapid provides 5-year extended warranty provided through its cloud-based Rapid Service Centre. All manuals and maintenance instructions for specific machine are available 24/7, 365 days a year.



The Rapid RAPTOR Shredder is another machine. Unique in many ways, the RAPTOR Shredder is designed for all types of plastics, large 1200 lit IBC containers or heavy lumps, all are efficiently recycled. The patented Rapid QuadCUT™ knife design offers four true cutting edges per knife in a solid piece which makes the knives the toughest in the market. The knives are clamped in a rock solid design, including a shock absorber to protect the rotor from being destroyed in a sudden impact from any metal etc. that accidentally have entered the cutter house. The heavy duty design of the gear box also makes it reliable, energy efficient and at the same time quiet. It’s belt driven for efficient operation. The Raptors come with programs for standard applications. More flexibility is achieved by optional PLC programming, also offering operation and logging from an  iPad or PC.


Extensive safety systems is achieved through multiple sensors, making the Raptors safe to operate. Access is not given until the rotor has stopped. If a worst case scenario should happen and the rotor needs to be removed for repair it is easily done. The split cutterhouse sides make the rotor easy to lift out of the machine without removing the hopper.


The shredders come in two widths, 800 and 1350 mm. The standard version comes with FlexiPUSH (pneumatic pusher). For voluminous light weight goods, a TopPUSH (pneumatic) can be added. In case extra power is needed the PowerPUSH version (hydraulic pusher) is recommended.


For further information please contact: http://www.rapidgranulator.com/en/direct/asia_pacific/contact/contact_form/representative/44. 


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