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Evonik launches new category of nutraceuticals

Source:Evonik     Date:2023-01-25
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Evonik has launched a new category of nutraceuticals called IN VIVO BIOTICS™. According to the company, these next-generation synbiotics combine probiotics – healthy gut bacteria – with other health ingredients.


IN VIVO BIOTICS are based on scientific understanding of human health with deep knowledge of the market for food ingredients and dietary supplements. Customers working on innovative nutraceuticals and health solutions benefit from Evonik’s superior expertise in biotechnology and formulation, as well as reliable delivery, excellent quality standards and scalable production.



“We believe the human microbiome has great potential for maintaining good health. That’s why we are thrilled to offer our customers science-based nutraceutical solutions like IN VIVO BIOTICS™,” said Maximillian Yeh, head of Health Solutions at Evonik’s Health Care business.


For nutraceutical companies, the range of IN VIVO BIOTICS™ solutions such as IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate that supports intrinsic butyrate production, IN VIVO BIOTICS™ resolvin and IN VIVO BIOTICS™ gluten tolerance. Customers also benefit from Evonik’s offering of unique insights for a fast-market approach by supporting consumer translation, product positioning, consumer awareness and packaging design.


IN VIVO BIOTICS™ is part of a nutraceuticals portfolio of advanced health ingredients, coatings, formulation services and finished dosage forms offered by Evonik’s Health Care business. The Health Care business at Evonik is part of the company’s life sciences division, Nutrition & Care, which aims to increase its share of System Solutions from 20 percent today to more than 50 percent by 2030. System Solutions are defined as multicomponent systems tailored to a specific customer need.

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