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First animal-free, lactose-free dairy retails in Singapore

Source:Perfect Day     Date:2022-11-29
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Mainstream supermarkets in global foodtech innovation hub Singapore will carry a new category of animal-free milk, revolutionising the dairy aisle, starting 29 November 2022. Very Dairy, Asia’s first animal-free milk produced entirely without cows, uses the world’s first animal-free milk protein developed using precision fermentation technology by Perfect Day.


Very Dairy is not plant-based, but is real dairy made from Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, the same nature-identical protein found in traditional dairy, but without involving a single cow. Lactose-, cholesterol- and hormone-free, low in sugar and saturated fat, and rich in protein and calcium, Very Dairy is a vegan-friendly, kinder choice of milk for people and planet.


Very Dairy Packs 2 - Copy.jpg

Planet-friendly, lactose-free Very Dairy is made entirely without cows using Perfect Day’s revolutionary animal-free whey protein to provide the same nutritious, delicious goodness as traditional milk.

Available from November 29, island-wide in FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant Hypermarket and RedMart at $4.95 for 1L, enjoy Very Dairy’s silky-smooth animal-free milk in three delicious flavours: Plain, for the original taste of Very Dairy ideal in coffee, tea or cereal, and incorporated into favourite recipes; Strawberry, a creamy delight with a bright and sweet hint of strawberry flavour and Chocolate, crafted with premium cocoa for an indulgent treat.


“As Singapore continues to build a more sustainable and resilient food system through agri tech innovations and technologies, Very Dairy is committed to making real dairy in a whole new way, one that uses less water, less energy, and emits less greenhouse gasses so that each sip is kinder for the planet,” says Alex Brittain, Senior Vice President, Perfect Day. “Milk is a drink loved and consumed by many, and we believe Very Dairy animal-free milk can positively impact our food system, helping to create a kinder, greener future.”


Dairy made differently

The use of Perfect Day's proprietary animal-free whey protein, which is made by microflora, not cows, make dairy protein that is nature-identical to traditional milk. The microflora are given the genetic code for whey protein, fed plant sugar, then, through the process of fermentation (similar to making bread or beer), convert these ingredients into the animal-free whey protein, identical to what one finds in

traditional milk.


This whey production process  uses no animals, reduces water use by up to 99%, emits up to 97% less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses up to 60% less non-renewable energy compared to conventional production methods.


Healthier choice

Very Dairy also delivers a myriad of health benefits while delivering the same satisfying creaminess and flavour of milk that everyone loves. Very Dairy is not only a delicious option for milk lovers, but also for those who are lactose intolerant as it is lactose-free. It is also cholesterol-, and hormone-free – making it a great choice for more people to enjoy. It is also packed with nutritional goodness – a rich source of calcium and protein but low in sugar.


Very Dairy’s debut follows the launch of Perfect Day’s animal-free ice-cream brand Coolhaus in July 2022 at mainstream supermarkets in Singapore. The cult ice-cream brand from California uses the same animal-free milk protein by Perfect Day. Very Dairy is distributed in Singapore by fine foods specialist, Classic Fine Foods, who is also the exclusive local distributor for Coolhaus.

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