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High-performance blown film systems for the global market

Source:Plastics News for Asia     Date:2021-06-10
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Plastics production systems nowadays have become more sophisticated, thanks to the research and development efforts and investments by leading companies producing plastics machinery. Two areas where many innovative solutions are taking place are in the blown film extrusion and plastic waste recycling, and these are areas where YE I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has made tremendous progress through the company’s revolutionary breed of plastics machinery.


YE I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has been in the market for the past 60 years, and has become one of the leading producers of blown film extrusion machinery and plastic recycling machinery for the world market. The company’s expertise lies in its ability to respond to various customers’ needs and guarantee higher profitability through its reliable and efficient new-generation machinery.  YE I has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of plastic recycling machines, blown film machines, sheet extrusion lines, plastic extrusion lines, cast film extrusion lines, extrusion plants for pipe and profile. These machines serve not only the domestic markets, as they have already reached the international markets where they compete with foreign brands in terms of price, performance and after-sales services, ” according to David Huang, Sales Manager at YE I.

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YE I has successfully combined its production experience with its own design capabilities along with the installation of various machines such as deep hole drilling machines and five-axis processing units imported from Switzerland, Japan and Germany to be able to manufacture the machinery parts and components in-house such as screw, barrel, air ring, die head, filter, etc. Together with our competent employees, the company has been able to revolutionise its products, improve production processes, and promote efficiency to transform into a world-class enterprise structure,” according to Mr. Huang.  


Ideal solution: from recycling to bags production

In its history as a pioneer in Taiwan’s plastics machinery, YE I has been able to develop various types of recycling systems and extrusion lines for the production of sheets, films, pipes and profiles. These machines are made available in Asia and other parts of the world as the company’s market base has expanded over the years. The YE I brand has competed with foreign brands, becoming known for their cost-reduction features, price competitiveness, stable performance and excellent after sales services.


The company has also taken the current plastic waste problem as an urgent task to offer its unique innovative solutions. “As the global plastic pollution problem becomes more and more serious, YE I is committed to persuading our existing customers in the field of plastic recycling to invest in the blown film industry.  By using 100% recycled plastic pellets produced by themselves and purchasing an additional YE I three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, it will become possible for customers to produce garbage bags. It not only helps them make more profits, but also conforms to the concept of environmental protection. YE I has successfully installed more than 20 machines all over the world, including Europe, this way,” according to Mr. Huang. 


YE I's range of recycling machines are known for their world-class design and operational excellence. The company's recycling machines make use of blown air to avoid issues related to water pollution and water content in the pellet that may change the structure of the granules. This enables the production of high quality pellets from recycled materials that can serve as input to produce plastic bags.

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As more customers opt to set up their own recycling plant in-house, YE I has been encouraging them to further invest in blown film machines that will use as input the recycled pellets to produce bags.


An example of its accomplishment is the five-layer blown film machine that it sold to a customer in Latin America. YE I's five-layer blown film machine uses PP as raw material to produce medical drip bags/infusion bags, thus replacing the traditional PVC material being used in the industry. “This ability to use PP as material eliminates people's doubt on the toxicity and wins the trust of customers by its high efficiency and quality. The customer's final product has been sold to the European market,” Mr. Huang explained. YE I's blown film machines are known for their benefits of lowering production costs and meeting strict health standards. In the case of the customer from Latin America, the five-layer blown film machine enables the production of drip bags/infusion bags needed in today’s medical sector.


Other blown film lines from YE I give the flexibility of adding colours to the film thus giving the barrier film packaging the ability to block sun or light. In addition, it allows vacuum packaging of food products, water-proof and farm packaging of items that require high standard plastic qualities. Lightweighting has also become possible without sacrificing the strength of the films. These films are ideal for the production of plastic bags that are mostly made for shopping malls and supermarkets. As YE I has introduced several processing equipment from Japan and Germany to produce the most important core parts, the overall function and stability of the blown film machine is enhanced that the film has both thickness balance and quality toughness.


YE I has been monitoring the developments in the global market for plastic recycling and blown film extrusion towards sustainable production. With its strong focus on research and development, this industry leader is expected to bring more breakthrough production solutions to benefit the plastics industry in the years to come.


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