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Manufacturing Indonesia 2021 holds virtual expo

Source:Pamerindo     Date:2021-12-01
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In general, COVID-19 has imposed far-reaching challenges on Indonesia’s economic performance, particularly in economic growth and trade. The fiscal stimulus to handle the pandemic and the acceleration of the COVID-19 vaccination program, which have been run intensively by government, and are supported by all strata of society have led to an improvement of the national economy.


The Ministry of Industry stated that the economic growth in the third quarter 2021 has increased by 3.51% compared to same period in 2020 which showed a negative growth of -3,49% (YoY). In the same quarter of 2021, the manufacturing industry experienced a growth of 3.68%, contributing 1.35% to the overall economic growth, thus becoming one of the biggest contributors.


Ben Wong, Country General Manager of PT Pamerindo Indonesia, has highlighted that Pamerindo is optimistic that growth and investments in the manufacturing sector will continue to move in a positive direction. “As the biggest trade organiser in Indonesia, we are committed to continue supporting Indonesia’s industrial development, this is why we are organising Manufacturing Series Virtual Expo from 1 - 4 December 2021. This virtual expo is a bridge for all stakeholders and businesspersons in the manufacturing sector to do business, with business matching as the main activity. During the 4-day exhibition, various solutions, innovative products and technologies will be presented –also opening up investment opportunities, especially with the year-end spending season being so near.”


In October 2021, manufacturing activities in Indonesia jumped to a new record peak as reflected by the manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) which rose to 57.2%, exceeding Japan, China, and South Korea. The same data recorded for the second quarter of 2021 also showed that of there are 5 key sectors still able to present positive growth, one of which is the retail trade focused on plastic packaging.  On the investment side, the accumulated national investment realisation from January to September 2021 has reached IDR 659.4 trillion or 73.3% of the targeted realisation for the whole year, which was IDR 900 trillion. In the meantime, investment realisation for the manufacturing industry has grown 35.9% or IDR 236.8 trillion compared to the previous period.


Mr. Wong added, “The increasing growth in the manufacturing industry has brought fresh energy for the Indonesian economy. We believe that moving forward, along with the decline in the spread of COVID-19 and the government relaxing the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), the manufacturing industry growth will rebound. During this time, we try to support and accommodate our industry so we can facilitate the exchange of information and current strategies. In addition, we want to create more opportunities for investment through the solutions and innovation we bring with Manufacturing Series Virtual Expo 2021.”


The virtual expo takes the theme, “Industrial Solutions Event for the Manufacturing Industry”.  To support the industry and to accommodate their needs, this time, Pamerindo is combining their two main shows, which are Manufacturing Indonesia and Plastic & Rubber Indonesia, online, involving 103 brands from 7 countries/regions. Some of the key players are Adi Nusa Glory, Bilplast Grapindo, Catur Putera Makmur Sejahtera, DMG Mori, Enshu Indonesia, First Machinery, Holland Colours Asia, Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia, Nachi Indonesia, Nord Drivesystems Indonesia, Woojin Plaimm, and many more.


For more information about the Manufacturing Series Virtual Expo, please visit:




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