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Stretching the limits in PET bottles production

Source:International Plastics News for     Date:2021-06-29
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The stretch blow moulding process has undergone tremendous improvements over the years, thanks to the research and development (R&D) efforts of machine producers who are after meeting the needs of the plastics industry. The process has been popularly used to produce bottles intended for beverages, such as water and juice, among others. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is usually the material of choice in stretch blow moulding but other materials can also be processed in a stretch blow moulding machine.


Several notable PET stretch blow moulding machines have raised the interest of the market for their new features and added functionalities. One recent launch by PET Technologies has brought to the market the 4th generation of PET stretch blow moulding machines APF-Max. Another is the Skyreef series from Kautex, which was launched at the Chinaplas 2021.


Flexibility and fast changeover

The APF-Max from PET Technologies has an output range 6,000 – 14,000 bph for bottles volume of 0.2 – 3.0l. The product range consists of basic 3 models: APF-Max 4, APF-Max 6, APF-Max 8 and its modifications. First customers have already revaluated its features.


The APF-Max features an innovative design and user-friendly interface. Even at first site automatic blow moulding machine APF-Max is totally different from PET Technologies product range. Streamline form and corporate colouring, electric cabinet backside and communications connected via the top of the machine are only a few features to highlight.


BM1 web.jpg

The APF-Max from PET Technologies


The machine boasts of quick change and flexibility. APF-Max series has 4-,6-,8-cavities configurations that match APF-Max 4, APF-Max 6 and APF-Max 8 models. The customer can buy 7 000 bph modification and after certain period of operation increase the output up to 14 000 bph, what is needed is the installation of extra mould cavities and several ovens on the heater. All the mould cavities are separated, so that it is easy to install and remove one. Only 15 minutes are enough to change the blow mould and start to produce another PET bottle format. The customers say that only two hours are needed for APF-Max changeover for another preform neck standard.


The all-electric automatic blow moulding machine APF-Max has 6 servo drives to guarantee stable PET bottle manufacturing and high output. They are embedded in the mould closing unit, preform stretching, heater, preform transfer to the blowing part and bottle outfeed system. Automatic temperature regulation and preblow are also controlled via PLC form B&R. The APF-Max blow moulder is equipped with the special short-wave near infrared heating system (NIR). It is not a common method for PET blow moulding machines market, but has its evident benefits. Preform heating is more efficient and in the same time less kilowatts are consumed. The heater itself is significantly shorter. Thus, APF-Max output is higher and its dimensions are more compact.


Universal and easy, efficient and user-friendly. These are only a few attributes to characterise the new generation of PET stretch blow moulders APF-Max. 


Autonomous machine for smart production

The next stop for Kautex is an autonomous extrusion blow moulding line – the new Skyreef packaging machines which open the door to flexible machinery solutions based on a common platform.  Kautex unveiled the Skyreef series at this year’s Chinaplas. China is a major market for Kautex, and the company has run its own production site in Shunde in the south of the country for over 25 years now.   The innovative idea behind the Skyreef machines combines technologies and components from different Kautex series and is designed for a future of smart production. The ultimate aim? The autonomous machine. Customers can choose whether their Skyreef is powered by a hydraulic, all-electric or hybrid drive, making it both flexible and adaptable. 


BM2 web.jpg 

Kautex unveils its Skyreef series designed for smart production.


In particular, the Skyreef Green is a full (eco) system that has all the elements to achieve their full potential. Kautex has created a series that combines the best condition for the die-head, mould and downstream equipment to downstream equipment to perform as a (eco) system. The Skyreef is ideal for the packaging sector with its high flexibility allowing for automatic mould thickness compensation and fast product change over. It is also created to achieve precision with its repeatability, best condition monitoring, and uniform wall-thickness. The all-electric machine promises low energy consumption, less tooling investment, higher utilisation rates ad high output 

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