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Expanding snack processor perfects potato chip line

Source:Heat and Control     Date:2022-11-23
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SUCCESSFUL installation of a new BF500 Potato Chip Batch Fryer has allowed a prominent snacks processer to launch an exciting new range of gourmet snacks in the Middle East. Prior to launching the new product, the customer approached Heat and Control to design a specialised solution, which included adding the BF500 to their existing PC50 Fryer line. This style of batch fryer produces the world’s best hard bite chips, with high accuracy and consistency, using traditional low temperature cooking.


The project took many engineering hours to develop and manufacture, and once finalised it was installed onsite. The complex design worked within restrictive existing infrastructure and had a small footprint that required the equipment be elevated off the ground, to allow access to adjacent equipment and facilitate workflow through the area.

heat and control_snack processor-potato-DSC_1468_3.jpg

The BF500 Batch Fryer produces any style of hard bite chip with accuracy and consistency.


The commission began with several modifications to existing Heat and Control Batch Fryers, to meet the customers specification of increased production. Modifications took the existing BF360 Fryer’s capacity from 360lbs (163kg) to 500lbs (226kg). Then, the new BF500 Fryer was fitted to feed in via a split from the exiting PC50 Fryer line, which allowed for utilisation of the customer’s existing potato preparation equipment.


Working with this customer to ensure there was no production interruption, the design team opted for a pneumatic diversion gate to control the flow of potatoes to either the PC50 line, or the new BF500. A customised pumping and gravity dewatering system was utilised at the infeed of the system, which enabled the design to work around the customer’s existing infrastructure and space limitations of the facility.


The benchmark in industrial frying technology

The new BF500 system is unlike regular batch fryers because it recirculates oil and can maintain even oil temperature across length of the pan. The larger capacity of this build required an extended pan, and early testing found significant temperature differences in the front and back (of the pan), resulting in unevenly cooked chips. With adjustment to the oil circulation, and the application of some advanced filtering solutions, this problem was solved.


Superior oil management

A Fryer Service Module designed to match the new fryer’s parameters complimented this install and the plant’s layout. The module was delivered to this customer’s facility, fully pre-wired and pre-piped, and will be used to monitor performance of the complete frying system and simplify maintenance. An Oil Cool Down System was also included in the build, gaining this customer an extra hour of fryer production time, by reducing the wait time between production and fryer sanitation. This module can be easily installed on most existing fryer systems and requires limited floor space.

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