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Knoll to open factory in the Philippines

Source:Knoll Packaging     Date:2022-11-24
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Knoll Packaging, manufacturer of deluxe packaging will open a fully owned and operated factory in the Philippines in January 2023. According to the company, the 8,000 sqm facility is sustainable and meets its standard for quality, complete with a full rooftop solar array, rainwater collection for re-use, and a low carbon footprint. Aside from this, Knoll said it will maintain the highest level of social accountability, employee engagement, and ethics in Asia.

Knoll packaging-facility2.jpg

The factory is in a Duty-Free trade zone which is ‘0’ Vat for import and exports, and counts Epson, Dyson, Honda among its neighbors. It will also feature Knoll Packaging’s proprietary custom-built machinery designed for cost efficiency and continued high quality.

Jeremy Cohen, President and CEO of Knoll Packaging, added, "This project is a continuation of our regionalization initiatives globally, gives us opportunities for cost containment, and full control of employee engagement in Asia, which is high on our priority list and a core part of our DNA. With our automation and continued innovation this will establish our position for growth globally well into the future.

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