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Outlook 2023: Material waste reduction and operational costs saving as priority

Source:International Plastics News for Asia     Date:2023-01-06
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The world is facing a major issue related to the recycling of plastic. The past few years saw government initiatives, incentives and regulations being implemented to encourage transition towards a circular economy for plastics.


As Aria Chen, Regional Sales Manager of FIMIC explains: “To this end, the ambitious goals must be supported by robust legislation, providing a future-proof regulatory framework driving investment in innovation and ensuring stronger enforcement and harmonisation across the market. Thus, key players are continuously investing in research and development activities to find an effective solution. FIMIC knows that to reach high quality recycled plastics from contaminated waste needs automatic technologies to filter out impurities and contaminations from the plastic flow.”

Fimic_Aria Chen.jpg

Ms. Aria Chen, Regional Sales Manager, FIMIC  


FIMIC has been working for many years now on improving its filtration technologies in order to meet and satisfy the needs (quality, characteristics) of recyclers, and at the same time facing the challenges of recycling post-consumer and post-industrial plastics.


The recessionary pressures and electricity costs in 2023 are uncertain and could balance against rising pressure on sustainability and over the evolution of market given current energy costs and weak demand, weighted against growing pressure to reach sustainability targets, according to Ms. Chen. Aware of the fact that the recycling industry typically operates on narrow margins and on smaller cash reserves, FIMIC is designing solutions to reduce the economic impact on recyclers and an example of this is their latest development "SPA", a screw operated pump for plastic recycling. “Recyclers have seen rising costs due to escalating electricity prices, for this reason FIMIC wants to tackle the energy cost crisis by offering solutions to allow a greater hourly production rate with reduced waste and low maintenance costs. GEM, the twin melt filter that works twice as much with its unmatched filtering surface and using just two parallel filtering screens guaranteeing better results than anything else on the market, is an ideal application for high-throughput recycling lines. A unique screw pump, SPA allows the transport of melted plastic material from the extruder to the filter without using any gears is an ideal solution for those seeking to achieve the highest possible quality,” according to Ms. Chen.

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For 2023, FIMIC aims to reach the hourly production of up to 2.000 Kg/h with the help of the FIMIC screw pump. “SPA screw pump allows considerable savings because operational costs are reduced to a very minimum. In fact, there is no need for maintenance and install a safety filter for pump protection, nor expensive spare gears that the operator will no longer be forced to replace. SPA’s operational simplicity is just maximum. Regular gear pumps are complex to operate, while the SPA is easy to use and does not require periodic replacements by the operators. It can be installed either before or after the filter, being perfect for applications requiring a double filtration step,” Ms. Chen stressed.


For more information about FIMIC, visit: www.fimic.it


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