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Creating the right packaging for the leading brands

Source:International Plastics News for Asia     Date:2023-02-21
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The vital role of attractive packaging in brand awareness cannot be undermined. This has led to many innovative packaging designs intended to catch the attention of consumers and create an impact on their buying decision. At PackPrintPlas Philippines 2022, one company that stood out in the exhibition floor was EPL Propack Philippines, Inc., a multinational company with manufacturing facilities in Metro Manila, Philippines. The company was represented by Avinash V. Mukkolath, Business Head for Philippines. 


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Mr. Avinash V. Mukkolath, Business Head, EPL Propack Philippines, Inc.

Please tell us about EPL Propack Philippines, Inc. and its main products.

Mr. Mukkolath: EPL Propack Philippines, Inc. is a member of the EPL Global, the world's largest speciality packaging company with 25 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located across 12 countries like in the US, Germany, Poland, Russia, China and a few to name. With offices across the world. EPL Global works with world's top FMCG companies in providing the most innovative and attractive packaging for their products. We offer a broad range of packaging solutions for the world’s leading brands in the oral care, beauty and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health, home care, food and other industries.


EPL Propack Philippines are the specialists you are looking for when it comes to laminated plastic tubes as your packaging media. We can offer perfectly tailored packaging solutions, the best possible answer to your product’s needs, and true to the motto: “Enhance Your Brand.”


We provide toothpaste tubes that are preferred by well-known toothpaste brands. The exclusive solutions feature high-quality barrier coatings that help fluids remain fresh and effective for longer. Many leading oral care brands rely solely on EPL's expertise to provide them extended shelf life and enhanced visibility. Another important category is beauty care and cosmetics where we offer our premium laminated tube solutions to popular beauty care brands, such as shampoos and conditioners, and cosmetics. 


The biotech, healthcare and pharma industries are rapidly evolving in sophistication and complexity. Pharma poses significant technical challenges, including clean-room readiness, barrier properties, dosage and application. EPL’s team of experts are constantly creating new ways to dispense pharma products using laminated tubes, often changing value equations strongly in the process.   EPL is also at the forefront of helping food & dairy brands move from rigid plastics or ABL to laminated tubes, saving both material and cost, and contributing to sustainability.  In the home care category, EPL offers superior packaging to store industrial, cleaning and hygiene-related products. We offer solutions that sustain the freshness and effectiveness of powerful chemicals. 

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The growing preference for plastic tubes has been substantial and over the years, we notice a shift to this type of packaging. How is EPL responding to this market trend?

Mr. Mukkolath: Packaging plays a very big role in brand preference and EPL has been working with a variety of brands, flexibly exploring new ways to partner and value add. In particular, laminated tubes are now widely used for packaging in personal care, food, pharma and industrial applications globally. Oral care itself contributes to almost 70% of the total production of laminated tubes, even as the demand in cosmetics is also increasing fast.


With excellent barrier properties, laminated tubes are a cost effective solution to increase a product's shelf life. Their smooth, flexible and soft exteriors deliver excellent sealability and enable high filling line speed during the packaging process. Their features include shoulder barriers for superior flavour and moisture retention, pin-hole orifices for low viscosity products and nozzle seals with an option of hot foil stamping. EPL also produces tamper evident closures for protection of products. Tube dispensing nozzles or applicators can be further customised on request.


Laminated tubes are adaptable to a wide range of caps, and can be customised for both coloured and transparent tubes. At EPL, we use cutting-edge technologies to ensure stronger fusion between the shoulder and body. Our world class LTP printing technology ensures superior resistance to print bleed, allowing up to 6 colours plus a varnish overcoat with a choice of full or spot varnish. Our ultra-modern R&D cell is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for testing and new product development. The state-of-the-art, in-house facilities for R&D and graphic design are made available for development & testing requirements.


How does EPL support its customers in creating attractive packaging designs that appeal to their target markets?

Mr. Mukkolath: Our valued major customers in the Philippines are Unilever, Lamoiyan Corporation, ACS Corporation, Personal Collection, Exal Industries and many more to name, and we export to the ASEAN region in Malaysia and Singapore.


Through EPL’s concept-to-tube initiatives, we are able to seamlessly handhold smaller brands through the packaging process. And as the world leaders in digital printing, we offer exciting opportunities for personalisation, allowing brands to directly talk with their consumers.   EPL also provides labelling options and special caps and closures for products other than tubes, such as closures for hair care and personal care product bottles that enable considerable ease of delivery.   


As we have seen in the packaging presented here at the exhibition, laminated tubes will take a front seat in the packaging sector among leading brands who want to stand out and create an impact on the customers. More than producing the laminated tubes, EPL supports its customers by creating the designs that are of high quality and aesthetically suitable for their products.  


EPL Propack Philippines, Inc.

Tel: +632 8800-9380, 8800-9358

Fax:  +632 8800-9468

E-mail: avinash.m@eplglobal.com

Website: www.eplglobal.com





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