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TIMTOS 2023 welcomes international visitors

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia     Date:2023-03-04
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Taipei International Machine Tool Show, also known as TIMTOS, will return in 2023 from March 6 to 11 at Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 & 2 and TWTC Hall 1. With 1,000+ exhibitors in nearly 6,100 booths, an even larger scale than 2022, TIMTOS 2023 will be the largest trade show ever recorded after Taiwan has recently lifted all its border controls since the COVID-19 outbreak.


TIMTOS 2023 will debut three new themed areas featuring “Advanced Metalworking Technology,” “Additive Manufacturing” and “Future Manufacturing.” The organizers also encourage attendees to take advantage of the exciting and productive events at TIMTOS 2023 such as Future Manufacturing Forum, Corporate Carbon Footprints Consultation, Podcast Live, Maker Workshop, and Guided Tours.


The visitor & media registration for TIMTOS 2023 is available at www.timtos.com.tw. For full event information, visit the official website, or follow the show on social media.


1677930154608018.jpgPower unit with cooling

SPU series power unit with cooling circulation pump provided by CML is a product designed to address the problem of temperature rise, reduced by 20%, and the power unit volume can be reduced by 50%. Significantly reduce the internal installation space and the amount of hydraulic oil used in the machine, providing a stable oil temperature in the machine to enable smooth machining of parts.


Camel Precision Co., Ltd.

Tel: +886-4 2461 5707

Fax: +886-4 2461 8842




1677930235728899.jpgHydraulic presses

LIEN CHIHE Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of many different types of Hydraulic Presses. Our Company was founded in 1947 and for more than seventy years has designed and developed a comprehensive range of technically advanced and dependable presses that offer the highest level of performance characteristics.

Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tel: 886-3-4827176

Fax: 886-3-4820845

E-mail: infor@lienchieh.com

Website: www.lienchieh.com

Booth No. P0806


1677930285950468.pngHigh-feed milling cutter

MAROX developed this high-feed milling cutter TEBL series, which can accelerate the processing speed of cutting. The standard milling cutter with coolant thru is assembled with Torx Plus screw together using for TaeguTec insert- BLMP0603R which can prolong tool life. It also has a variety of processing methods. There are end mills and modular mills specifications and it can choose the appropriate specification for processing applications according to different needs.


Marox Tools Industrial Co. Ltd

Tel: +886-4-22780167

Fax: +886-4-22780111

E-mail:  service@marox.com.tw

Website:   www.marox.com.tw

Booth No.: D0402


1677930377990939.pngThe lathe that lasts

With the changing time and increasing customers’ needs, it is forwarded into automation SPM to increase production efficiency. In this show, we demonstrate the customized single workpiece auto feeding system with HC-30N. It assists customers to proceed to unstop auto operation that increases machine processing efficiency in the time of labour shortage. HC-30N is the best option for high C/P ratio machines in the market.

HC-30N SPM (U-Type)

1)     External auto loading/unloading SPM

2)     Its feeding capabilities are O.Dφ6~φ35 mm, max length 40mm.

3)     Its feeding mechanism is placed outside of machine to keep mechanism from chips and oil stain.

4)     Adjustable guideway is suitable for round/hex shape workpiece alone with rotary cylinder and fixture, which can make hex material positioning in short time.


Jarng Yeong Enterprise Co., Ltd (GREENWAY)

Tel.: +886-4-2615 2157

Fax.: +886-4-2615 2161

E-mail: greenway@cnc-lathe.com

Website: www.cnc-lathe.com

Booth No.: N0226


1677930423765742.jpgHigh-speed lathe

SHUN CHUAN - In order to expand the working range, we are very proud to introduce a new high-speed lathe model - the CH series. Including 3 different swing over bed size (22", 26" and 30"), and max. 5 meters DBC (from 60" to 200"), both gear type and variable speed type are available for different demand of the users.  By the way, twin-chuck is also available upon request.  The new CH series could satisfy many working requests. For more detailed information, please contact your local dealers or contact our sales team directly.


Shun Chuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tel:  +886-37 741 591

Fax:  +886-37 741 593

E-mail: info@sunmaster-cnc.com

Website: www.sunmaster-cnc.com

Booth No.: L0110



1677930468517499.jpgI/O relay module

Bore Automation Tech. Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, is the professional leading manufacturer and provider of advanced industrial control modules in Taiwan. For over 20 years, we are now the largest manufacturer of I/O relay module, interface module, cable assembly in Taiwan.


We are specialized in the design, develop, manufacture, and distribute of innovative industrial automation solutions for a wide range of industries.


Bore’s board product offering can be found in applications for the industrial automation, factory automation, machine tool, semiconductor equipment, automatic control and inspection, residential building, and system integrator in the world.


Bore’s I/O relay and interface modules are designed to be compatible with various of PLC and CNC controllers in market. We offer reliable solutions to maximize the efficiency and performance of your machine or factory.


Bore Automation Tech. Co., Ltd.

Tel: +886-4 2380 9449

Fax: +886-4 2380 6309

E-mail: info@bore.com.tw

Booth No.: Q1210


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