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Zhejiang Huaye Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Company Name:Zhejiang Huaye Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Area: China
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Contact Person:JinLongWu



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  • Zhejiang Huaye Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been developed into one largest specializing factories in the cuntry manufactuing high price screws.Cylinders and accessories now.Zhoushan HXK macheinery Co.,Ltd. that a unit of Huaye.Its extouder has been brand product of Huaye.Our quality policy:To extablsih Brand Huaye,to satisfy customers.Aim:Techinical data 100% meet requirements of customers.There is the only quality text ceutre in Zhoushan among the same trade-The testing office for cylinders and screws of Zhoushan product quality supervision and inspection institute has been set up in our corporation.Huaye is based on its qualified personnel technology and fame bold in creating new products and seeking for excellence with the first-chass specialized personel and products serve the customers.


    Major Business Metalworking Main Products
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    Fax Company Address Zhou Shan LiGang Seond Industrial Park ZheJiang

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