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Company Name:Youli Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Area: China
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    Since the company was established, the concept behind Youli is to design and manufacture the best quality of hydraulic valves that fully meet customer's rigorous requirements. To this end, Youli's quality control department is equipped with sophisticated test equipment. Each Youli valve is subject to comprehensive tests before shipment, including flow, pressure, oil leakage and motion smoothness. What we do is to guarantee each valve from Youli will provide the maximum dependability of performance and minimum trouble for long term operations.

    Look into these outstanding features:
    *Compact construction. Low pressure drop.
    *Long service life. High efficiency.
    *Choice of various operation methods, such as manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic.
    *Choice of various ports and circuit valves.
    *Spring return.
    *High accuracy spool is hardened for long term accuracy.
    *Sub-plate mounting.
    *Handle shift operation.


    Major Business Metalworking Main Products
    Email Company Website http://www.tw-youli.com.tw
    Fax Company Address No.9,LANE 145,TAI MING RD.,WU ZIH,TAICHUNG HSIEN,TAIWAN 41468,R.O.C

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