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High-performance monofilament machine meets future trends

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-06-07
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Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery, Co., Ltd. specialises in the design and production of customised plastic equipment. Diing Kuen's machines are 100% made in Taiwan and 99% are exported to overseas. With its worldwide technical agents and service locations, Diing Kuen is able to provide immediate technical support to customers despite time differences and cross-border difficulties, making it an invisible giant in the global cooperation of the plastic industry.


The dedication to customer service has contributed to Diing Kuen's reputation for high quality. The design concept of the machine takes into consideration the diversified characteristics of the customer’s production site.  Not only does Diing Kuen manufacture equipment that meets general market needs, it also provides expertise in responding to customer’s raw material characteristics, unique formulas, and other kinds of raw material in diversified international markets. 


During the delivery stage, Diing Kuen invites the customer to the assembly site for equipment handover and actual testing of the operating process. In the case of monofilament machines, the overall length of the equipment can reach more than 50 metres, or even 70 metres. The stability of the production is one of the key factors; Diing Kuen equipment, known for its high quality, must be checked by the customer to carefully review the production details such as capacity accuracy, performance stability, etc. to confirm that they meet the specific requirements, and then go through Diing Kuen's meticulous disassembly process to properly pack the machine before shipment. 

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Once the machine arrives at the customer's production site, Diing Kuen sends its professional handover teams to the site to assist the customer in assembly, adjustment, and testing. In addition to providing good after-sales service, the durability is also a highlight of Diing Kuen’s products. Generally speaking, the performance and lifespan of the machine depends on the quality of manufacturing. Today, customers following Diing Kuen's instructions are running their machines for nearly 20 years.


Chairman Kun-Chih Wei always instructs the Diing Kuen team that, “Our quality must be top-notch.” When the equipment is delivered without problems, the customer will for sure not turn back and complain. Therefore, during the design, production, and shipment stages, Diing Kuen actively anticipates potential problems, carries out trouble shooting in the Taiwan production base, and proactively invests more in the initial quality control to avoid problems once the machine is delivered to the customer’s base.


Innovations boost advantages of monofilament machine

The secret to Diing Kuen's simple success is to never stop innovating. The semi-finished products produced by its monofilament machine are used in a wide range of industries. For example, in the aquaculture, fishing and ocean shipping industries, the fishing nets, fishing lines, cage culture, and ropes used in these industries require elasticity, toughness, and tensile force of at least 8-12 gpd; Diing Kuen's monofilament machines not only produce monofilaments of 8-12 gpd or more, but some Diing Kuen’s special monofilament machine models can produce up to 15 gpd. The tensile force of each fibre can be increased  so if the customer compare two ropes of the same size, which can generally withstand 5 metric tonnes, Diing Kuen's equipment can produce special ropes that can withstand 10 metric tonnes. 

The mechanical design of the Diing Kuen machine makes it stand above the rest. In order to meet the market's demand for 24-hour uninterrupted production, the equipment needs to operate at a high speed of 200-250 m/min. or even 400 m/min. during the production of monofilament, which highlights the importance of Diing Kuen's equipment for high stability and continuous yarn. Diing Kuen's machines enable customers to avoid raw materials wastage and save time and cost, thus creating high quality, improved precision and superior tensile force products.

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Strong market position amidst changing trends 

In recent years, the rising global awareness to protect the environment has increased acceptance of green power policy, power restriction policy, reduced carbon footprint, and environmental labeling. With its global vision, Diing Kuen has solved the dilemma of power restriction policy for some customers, and has successfully increased production capacity by 30%.


As the Asian market becomes more focused on achieving a circular economy, countries are putting forward plastic waste restriction policies. Diing Kuen has already invested in the development of industrial environmental protection product lines a few years ago. Today, its sophisticated and innovative technology is able to meet the specific precision requirements of customers for high quality and sustainable products in the market.


In the wake of the global digital automation trend, Diing Kuen retains its leading position. The company not only improves the process that used to require manual calibration, but also introduces the automation system to control temperature, pressure, equipment monitoring, equipment life and maintenance. In addition, Diing Kuen's equipment can collect big data through IOT technology and provide timely feedback to the cell phones of customers to keep track of production progress, reduce the chance of operator errors, and minimise reliance on human resources for quality control.

As Diing Kuen Chairman Wei once said, "We want to help our customers break through the boundaries of the market entry. The company's corporate culture believes that it is not just about securing orders from large corporations, but also about cultivating relationships, enhancing communication, and helping customers upgrade their industries, which invariably enhances Diing Kuen's own strength.”


Each quarter, Diing Kuen conducts a "technical tour" to visit customers’ production sites around the world to perform maintenance, inspection and technical consultations to proactively explore the needs to develop new products. In terms of after-sales service, Diing Kuen stresses the importance of quick response to customers to maintain its market competitiveness and pursue its objective of further innovations – a quality that makes Diing Kuen rank among the industrial powers in Europe. 

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