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Kung Hsing appoints sales agent in Latin America

Source:Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery     Date:2021-09-22
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Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery announced the appointment of a representative in Latin America to handle inquiries and attend to customers in the region. As Latin America is a dynamic and growing market for plastics machinery, Kung Hsing production solutions are finding their way in the region’s packaging sector where plastic films are in high demand.


According to Kung Hsing President, Chin-lien Tsai, the company’s decision to establish its presence in Latin America stems from its optimism of the market. “Since the establishment of Kung Hsing in 1972, we have strived to provide the best machines and services to our customers. Right now, we have customers from over 140 different countries all over the world. Our well-trained and experienced employees working in 12 different departments, also include our R&D team, which is not common in other Taiwan blown film manufacturers. We want to continuously explore opportunities in other regional markets,” Mr. Tsai explains. 


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Kung Hsing currently has three plants spanning a total of 20,000 sqm. The third factory is currently under construction and will be completed soon. The company’s production includes multilayer blown film lines – ranging from 2- to 9-layer machines. Kung Hsing manufactures and assembles the machines, utilizing high quality spare parts. “Thus, the machines we offer not only have high production rate and guarantee lower operational costs, but the most important feature is that our machines are reliable and durable, with long service life.” Mr. Tsai stressed. The use of parts and components that are energy-saving in Kung Hsing machines has helped raise the machine capacity while consuming the same amount of power. 


The Industry 4.0 trend has been adhered to as Kung Hsing machines are now capable of being monitored and all production parameters being noted even while the operators are not on-site. The management or machine operator can also change the system settings remotely. This allows huge savings on manpower and operational costs. 


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To date, Kung Hsing has delivered and put into operation more than 200 machines in Latin America. It has been promoting machines for the production of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) or water-soluble films and biodegradable films, as well as other types of films. “Our multi-layer blown film lines (ranging from 2 to 9 layers) are intended for different applications and are attracting the interest of customers in the region. Moreover, our excellent sales service has been well recognized by our customers,” according to Mr. Tsai.    


Kung Hsing Latin American representatives are expected to maintain close contact with its customers in the region. Whenever a customer encounters a problem on the machine, the representative will try to provide the first solution but Kung Hsing team is also ready to communicate with the customers. “We also use parts from well-known brands for our machines to ensure that our customers can easily obtain parts from local sources, but we can also provide the parts from Taiwan,” Mr. Tsai explains. 


With a Latin American representative, Kung Hsing is bringing its blown film production solutions to a bigger market in need of highly efficient and energy saving machines to serve expanding market demand. For more information, visit: https://www.kunghsing.com.tw/en/index.html


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