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Toolinspect II with process monitoring

Source:Ringier Metalworking     Date:2018-06-19
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With the current further development of Toolinspect II, MCU has created, among other things, the capability to integrate the system into Windows and  Linux operating systems. That way, the user can ?exibly operate the system, with the same user interface and an identical interface to the machine and the control system. The current process monitoring has also been developed further technologically: 

in addition to the standard tool-breakage monitoring, optionally an analysis program has been made available, as well as a tool- and cut-specifc wear.

With the analysis program, you can view components and machinings from now on in detail, and you can use it to calculate essential operating times and non-productive times. In contrast, the tool- and cut-specifc wear means that Toolinspect scans the NC program currently running in the machine, and internally stores all the tools which are in that program. An alarm triggers if the actual value arrives at the tool-wear value that was last reached. 

Toolinspect analyzes in this way the difference between the wornout tool and the new tool. In addition to that, these functionalities and evaluation capabilities can be accessed quite fast, because Toolinspect is a real-time system.

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