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Rapid Halal and vegan food testing

Source:Thermo Fisher Scientific     Date:2021-03-02
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Thermo Fisher has added assays for vegan and Halal testing to its successful Thermo Scientific RapidFinder Meat and Fish ID Kit range, allowing food testing laboratories to provide confidence in both regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. The real-time PCR-based species detection and quantification solutions fit seamlessly within existing RapidFinder workflows to return rapid, accurate results while maximizing laboratory efficiency.

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Complex global supply chains and increased market pressures are leaving sourced ingredients more vulnerable to food fraud, and brands more vulnerable to mislabeling. (Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific)

The range answers growing concerns over food fraud, which costs the global food industry an estimated $10-$40bn a year and seriously compromises public health. Complex global supply chains and increased market pressures are leaving sourced ingredients more vulnerable to food fraud, and brands more vulnerable to mislabeling.


As well as the dire regulatory consequences of inadvertently trading in adulterated food, mistakes can also significantly damage brands, business, and the bottom line. This is especially true in sensitive markets, such as Halal and vegan food, where consumer trust may be hard to win back.


The RapidFinder Meat ID range, which also includes kits for detection of beef, equine, chicken and many other animal and fish DNA, provide results that laboratories, manufacturers, and retailers can rely on.


The flexible workflow allows for DNA extraction from samples of up to 20 g, using either a manual or automated procedure for the higher throughput of multiple samples. Identification targets mitochondrial DNA for increased sensitivity and specificity – the RapidFinder Halal ID Kit, which tests for pork, recording a market-leading sensitivity rate of 0.0005%.


After detection, the RapidFinder Quant Multi-Meat Sets provide same day, accurate quantification via qPCR. An internal amplification control (IAC) is included in each PCR reaction to rule out the false negatives sometimes associated with food stuffs that can prevent PCR from occurring effectively. The new assays follow the same sample preparation and PCR procedures as other RapidFinder Meat ID assays enabling them to be run together with existing workflows to maximize laboratory efficiency.


The RapidFinder Meat ID assays are:


·        Simple: real-time PCR-based assay with no electrophoresis needed for simple result interpretation

·        Flexible: compatible with any food or feed sample, both raw and processed, with meat quantification kit available

·        Reliable: incorporates efficient DNA extraction and IAC for added confidence

·        Fast: from sample to result in the same day for rapid test turn around and actions.


Bernd Hofmann, vice president, Thermo Fisher said: “Food manufacturers and retailers need to know the claims they have on their labels are accurate if they are to ensure regulatory compliance and consumer confidence. No one wants to be the subject of headlines about pork in products labeled Halal, or meat in products marked as vegan friendly. But the growing complexity of global supply chains and the continual downward pressure on price leaves ingredients vulnerable to food fraud.


“With the RapidFinder Meat ID range, food testing laboratories can provide peace of mind through a simple, flexible, reliable workflow, that returns same day results. For this reason, we believe the new RapidFinder Halal and Vegan ID kits will be a welcome addition to our portfolio.”


To see the full range of meat and fish RapidFinder ID tests please visit: www.thermofisher.com/food-species-pcr-testing

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