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Recycling and circular economy in injection moulding




In this video Bianca Gubi and Klaus Fellner present different technologies for the processing of recycling materials, summing up the Circular Economy solutions from ENGEL.


The recycling solutions and applications presented in this vide include: two-stage process to save the regranulation step when processing regrind ; R-Cycle, the platform for information cycle by marking and tracing polymer products via QR-code or digital watermark; recycled PET to be used for production of a thin-wall cup; standard machine solutions that include the use of recycled ABS material to produce a glossy surfaced high-quality TV-box.  


Together with other market participants, ENGEL has been actively involved in the Circular Economy and the reduction of the CO2 footprint for years. This goal requires close cooperation across the whole value chain. For ENGEL, supporting its customers along the entire product life cycle is a key concern: from component design and sampling to production and maintenance & service. ENGEL helps save energy, costs and CO2!


 Source: ENGEL YouTube Channel

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2023-01-12 14:31:30291 Views

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